Smart Start!

What to wear?

Training Shoes

A supportive pair of training shoes is essential to any fitness wardrobe, getting the right pair of trainers can be tricky as your foot strike may require a different type of support than other people. We advise to go to a specialist sports shop and get proper advice which is the best trainer for you, the right footwear can make the difference between a good workout and a great workout.

Sports Bra

No matter what size you are up top a good fitting sports bra can give you confidence when working out, especially when doing high impact exercise, even wearing a sports bra with a sports crop top over can give you a comfortable support during training. You can purchase sports bras in most big stores now like Primark, Marks & Spencer, BHS etc or any sports shop or even go online  if you know your measurements.

Training Gear

Wear something you feel comfortable in, leggings or shorts & a t-shirt, something you wont overheat in, so not too heavy. Bring a sweatshirt or jacket to put on before and after training as you can get cool quite quick after sweating.

How Often Should I be Training If I have Never been Before Or Its been A Long Time?

Everyone starts full of enthusiasm and with a goal in mind and have a tendency to do too much to soon. Gradually building up your training over time will allow your body to adapt to the training and set you up for success in the long run. We offer Smart Start options in all the Les Mills classes. So if you feel that part of the class is enough for you, you can leave at anytime, increasing the length of  time  as you get fitter week by week.

here is a sample schedule to help you plan:

Day 1                           30 min-45 min                          Body Attack

Day 2                            Rest

Day 3                           45 min – 60 min                      Body Pump

Day 4                           45 min                                        Body Balance

Day 5                            Rest

Day 6                           Rest

Day 7                            30 Min                                       HIIT


Repeat for 4 weeks

After 4 weeks increase session times to 45 min or 60 min Or add in 1 more training day and do this for another 4 weeks.

After 8 weeks your body will start to adapt and is ready for something new like kettlebells, maybe book in for kettlebell technique (£10)  or a personal training session to give you something different.

Variety is the key to keeping you motivated and also helps prevent overuse injuries, so do a variation of classes, you may not take to some of the classes straight away but you need to try most classes at least 4 times before making an actual decision.


You need to eat to give you energy and to allow your body and mind to function to the best, you wouldn’t put crap in your car engine and expect it to run efficiently so why would you put it in your body. A healthy balanced diet is a major factor in how you function on a daily basis, eating little and often, adding plenty of fresh ingredients in your meals and plenty of protein for muscle recovery.


Drink plenty of water during the day as dehydration can affect performance and can make you feel lethargic, especially drink extra when you exercising as you can lose allot of fluid during training.


Good luck and don’t forget exercise doesn’t have to be a chore it can be fun can make you feel amazing!!!


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