Jemma Robbins

Jemma Robbins moved to Northern Ireland from Jersey in 2008 and has since worked fulltime in the fitness industry. Back in Jersey, she was a qualified investment manager, and many years of a sedentary and intense lifestyle set her on a road to ill health and weight problems. She joined a gym and fell in love with training, particularly group exercise, which led her to lose 5 stone and switch careers from Finance to Fitness. Since then she has never looked back, and continues to challenge herself in all aspects of fitness and group exercise instruction. 



Level 3 Personal Trainer





                                                            Zumba Fitness

                                                               Kettlebell Coach

                                                  Level 3 Advanced Nutritional Therapy and Sports Nutrition

                                                     Level 2 Exercise to Music

                                                       Advanced PowerPlate Instructor

                                                  Freestyle Spin/RPM

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