Membership Prices

Direct Debit Options

Full membership – £25.99 per month – 30 day rolling commitment period, just £25.99 per month via a monthly rolling direct debit for full access to all facilities, gym and studio, any day of the week. Unlimited access to full studio timetable. Option for anytime out of hours access to training room also.

Upfront Options

3 month Full Upfront – £80 one off payment

6 Month Full Upfront – £130 one off payment

12 months Full Upfront – £240


Pay as you Go

You can also come to Urban Fitness on a pay as you go basis, no commitment, no hassle using one of our 5 class passes. Available to buy for £20 for 5 classes, which need to be used within 8 weeks from purchase. These cover all classes on our timetable, with a combination class (30 plus 45/60 mins) counted as one class.

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