When i first came to Urban Fitness as a guest i was very quickly put at ease and welcomed by not only the instructors, but also the other members. I love the atmosphere, the craic and the fun that everyone seems to have when we are all sweaty and dying!!!

Claire – Joined March 2017

What can i say about Urban Fitness.. the classes are amazing as are the instructors, they really push you to your limits. Even on a dark, damp Monday night after attending a class you will come away feeling amazing! I honestly can’t praise this gym enough and would highly recommend it, especially if you enjoy attending classes.

Kellie – Joined February 2016

URBAN FITNESS: Best gym ever!!!! I have been attending for over a year and i have to say the time has flown in! In the classes, i do a little bit of everything as i enjoy it all so much! I have to say there is nothing i don’t like about the classes, each one in their own way challenges me but i still keep coming back for more! The instructors are fantastic and the atmosphere is great for anyone coming in with any level of fitness. GO URBAN FITNESS: Love it!!!

Ann – Joined March 2017

Urban’s classes are amazing, especially if you aren’t self disciplined doing your own thing in a gym. The lights off/disco vibe coupled with the most motivational instructors means that ive sweated more in 30 minutes here than i ever did in 1 hour at any other gym. The music keeps you going and there is such a feeling of satisfaction at the end of a class. There is such a good community vibe. We build each other up!

Kathy – Joined January 2016





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