Well now what can i say. This gym has to be one of the best in NI and i have been to a few in my time! Carol and Jemma  are amongst the best in their field. I joined their gym a month after they opened, after leaving a gym they used to teach in. I am so glad they made the decision to go into business for themselves. This gym is not just for the body beautiful, I go there not only to keep fit and keep my mind in good health, but to have a really good laugh (which happens every time i go!) I have lost 2 1/2 stone since i have met the girls and have managed to keep the weight off for over a year, which i have never done before!. This is down to the sheer fun, instruction and determination of Carol and Jemma. I cannot thank them enough, keep up the great work girls.


Having only recently moved to the area, i could never have imagined that Urban Fitness would bring fun and a sense of wellbeing into the new life i was setting up. The fact i have dropped a dress size and feel better than i have felt in a long time is testimony to the motivation and encouragement they provide.


I joined Urban on 23rd July 2012, having lost four stone in weight already and hating exercise, i decided to have a look (although i didn’t expect very much!) and it was the best decision i have ever made.The team are there to make exercise fun and pick you up when you have had a bad day. No other gym i have come across has been so caring, they truly are special people. I am enjoying exercise so much that i attend 5 evenings and 2 mornings per week, which is a miracle for someone like me. All i can say is thank you so much girls for helping me achieve a healthier lifestyle


What has Urban done for me? Well, Urban makes fitness FUN. The Urban team have made me change how i feel about exercise. I used to find it a chore, but now i absolutely love it. Urban Fitness has such a friendly and welcoming atmosphere and everyone is treated equally. I have met some lovely people and made fantastic new friends.


As business owners and instructors, you have created an environment for exercise that i believe is unrivalled. Your infectious love for fitness, your passion for people and your lost vocations as performers make classes inviting, entertaining and effective and just leave us coming back for more. Classes are not only fun, they are liberating. The transformation from shy, reticent newbie to outgoing, confident member is easy to see. To say life changing seems extreme, but in the space of a year i have watched members (including myself) change in size, strength, stamina and demeanour. Your dedication to helping others realise their potential is inspiring to watch and exciting to be a part of. Every day you are making the difference to the lives of those around you.


For fitness, fun and friends Urban Fitness is the place to be. I have been a gym junkie for more years than i care to remember and Urban has succeeded in putting a spark back into my training. All those involved with the gym should be very proud of what they have achieved in such a short space of time.



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